Enhancing Data Privacy and Governance with BigID


In today’s data-driven world, organizations are increasingly focused on data privacy, protection, and compliance with evolving regulations. BigID, a leading data intelligence platform, enables businesses to discover, classify, and protect sensitive data across various data sources and environments. One of the key aspects of data privacy management is data cataloging and governance, and integrating BigID with your enterprise’s data catalog of choice can provide a comprehensive, unified approach to managing your data landscape.

BigID’s Data Masking and Discovery Capabilities

BigID offers various data masking techniques, such as scrambling, anonymization, and pseudonymization, to help organizations protect their sensitive data. It also allows for dynamic data masking, ensuring that users receive masked data by default, depending on their access permissions.

To discover data, BigID leverages advanced machine learning and data intelligence techniques, scanning and analyzing data across a wide range of data sources and types. The platform creates a comprehensive data inventory, classifies sensitive data, builds relationships between data points, and catalogs the discovered data.

Integrating BigID with Your Enterprise Data Catalog

Integrating BigID’s data catalog with your enterprise data catalog consolidates data governance and data privacy efforts. The integration process involves establishing connections, configuring data sharing policies, synchronizing data between catalogs, mapping data elements and classifications, and implementing data governance workflows.

Benefits of Integration

Integrating BigID and your enterprise data catalog provides organizations with a unified data governance and data privacy framework. The combined capabilities of both platforms enable businesses to efficiently manage, protect, and govern sensitive data across various data sources and environments.

Key benefits include:

Enhanced data privacy and protection – BigID’s data masking techniques, combined with your enterprise data catalog’s governance capabilities, ensure that sensitive data is protected and only accessible to authorized users.

Comprehensive data discovery and classification – Integrating BigID’s advanced data discovery and classification capabilities with your enterprise data catalog enables organizations to maintain a current, accurate view of their data landscape.

Streamlined data governance workflows – The integration allows organizations to leverage the combined strengths of BigID and your enterprise data catalog to implement data governance workflows, such as data stewardship, data quality management, and data lineage tracking.


Integrating BigID’s data catalog with your enterprise data catalog of choice offers organizations a powerful and unified solution for managing their data privacy, protection, and governance needs. By leveraging the capabilities of both platforms, businesses can achieve a more comprehensive and effective approach to managing their sensitive data, ensuring compliance with evolving data privacy regulations.