Alberto Artasanchez in a principal data scientist and the director of the Artificial Intelligence Lab at Knowledgent (a part Accenture) with experience spanning over 25 years, in multiple industries and enterprise domains but with a focus on the financial industry. He has an extensive background in artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms. Mr. Artasanchez holds 7 AWS certifications including the Big Data Speciality certification. He is an AWS Ambassador and publishes frequently in a variety of Data Science blogs. He is frequently tapped as a speaker in topics ranging from Data Science, Big Data and Analytics, Underwriting optimization and Fraud Detection. He has a strong and extensive track record designing and building end-to-end machine learning platforms at scale.

Knowledgent Artificial Intelligence Lab Initiative – Loan Default Prediction

  • The business of lending is the core banking product.
  • Created and enhanced Sagemaker models to augment and optimize the underwriting process.
  • We have been able to achieve an average lift of 14% from baseline in net return.
  • Getting the best results using Random Forest which still has explainability, a key requirement in the underwriting process.
  • Models can also prescribe loan size and recommended terms and not just “lend/don’t lend” decisions.

Knowledgent Artificial Intelligence Lab Initiative – Fraud Detection

  • Fraud is still a pervasive and significant problem in banking causing billions of dollars in losses on a yearly basis.
  • Developed models to discern fraudulent credit card transactions using the features usually available in e-commerce transactions.
  • Due to the relative scarcity of real-world data, created algorithms and processes to generate synthetic data.
  • Developed knowledge graphs in TigerGraph to pinpoint suspicious behavior and facilitate the creation of SAR reports.

Knowledgent (a part of Accenture) is a data intelligence company that innovates IN and THROUGH data. We eat, sleep, and breathe data to enable advanced and agile analytics, digital enterprise, and robotics. We combine our data and analytics expertise with business specific domain knowledge. We are Informationists that are passionate about data.

Knowledgent delivers innovation in data and analytics with rapid ideation and experimentation to identify the business applications that will yield the most value. This is followed by rigorous scale up and operationalization to ensure that the solution is institutionalized as part of your process and technology fabric. This ensures that value is captured and the solution is sustainable. To address this paradigm, Knowledgent has developed a framework, the Knowledgent Innovation Cycle (KLIC).